Wednesday, November 20, 2013

'The Forgotten Hero' by Frank Percacciante

Hello, readers!

This here is my favorite part: when I get to tell you about the release of a book I've worked on. After several months of fine-tuning, Frank Percacciante's book, 'The Forgotten Hero,' is finally out.

Now, if you like books with puzzles and mysteries, this book is for you. It's a piece you must read from beginning to end. Masterfully woven clues hint at the outcome, but the intricacy of the puzzle is such that you'll be glued to the book, eagerly awaiting explanations.

Full of intrigue and fantasy, the book follows Professor Allan Reilly on his journey to decipher the story behind a tragic event in which he lost his young sister. Upon the discovery of a ring which bestows superhero-like qualities, Allan sets out to do good, hoping to ease his conscience, and in doing so, his life starts heading down a path he doesn't realize he's already traveled.

Cryptic enough for you? Hurry and grab a copy today! The book is available through Amazon.