Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just released! 'Lost Empire' by Jeff Gunzel

Hello, readers! This is a quick post to let you all know that Jeff Gunzel just released his third book in the Legend of the Gate Keeper series, 'Lost Empire.'

The first book in the series, 'Land of Shadows,' is available for free through Amazon. For those of you not familiar with Jeff Gunzel's action-packed writing, I encourage you to download it and give it a try. After a few introductory chapters the book picks up, and it really sets the pace for the rest of the series, so be sure to not give up on it!

The second book, 'Siege of Night,' leaves the four protagonists resting in Queen Illira's castle. Eric, Jade, Athel and Jacob are awaiting the completion of the preparations for a journey they must undertake, for the fate of the world rests on them successfully arriving at Shangti.

The new book follows the four friends to a long-forgotten place, Shangti. They set off from Tarmerria  hoping to prevent the demonic Krytoes from entering the world and destroying humankind.  The journey to the far-away land is fraught with peril and hardship, and once they eventually do arrive, the friends are separated against their will, leaving them to fend for themselves in a completely strange, foreign land full of new creatures, races, and dangers they had never come across before.

The Legend of the Gate Keeper series never gets boring. This book is no exception. Magic and enemies are plenty, so this makes for a very action-packed book full of excitement. There's no dull moments when our four heroes are involved! One of them almost gets killed by a band of bloodthirsty, vengeful sailors on what's supposed to be an uneventful boat journey! The forgotten land where our heroes arrive, Shangti, has a distinct oriental influence, so anime fans and fans of Oriental culture will be sure to enjoy that aspect of the book.

You can buy the newly released book through Amazon. For some reason Amazon won't let you view the book preview on the webpage, but I believe you CAN download a sample right to your kindle for free if you want to get a taste for what the book contains. I was told Amazon is working on getting the preview feature up and running.
The book will soon be released via the iBookstore and Smashwords, so stay tuned. I'll be putting up the links soon as they become available!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Jason Tesar's 'The Awakened' series

Hello, my readers.

Today I'd like to bring to your attention a series of books which I was lucky to proofread. The series is called 'The Awakened' and it's written by Jason Tesar.

I could not believe how amazing these books were. I love when fantasy mixes in angels. To this day, I could probably count with my fingers the amount of books I've read which involve angels, and lucky for me, Jason's books have those and more. Imagine a child being saved and trained by a mystical order of clerics after his step father sends him off to be killed. The child becomes a prodigy in warfare and turns against the order that saved him after he discovers their true motives. There's much more to the books than that, though. The plot is pretty convoluted, and details seem to click into place as Jason weaves the tale masterfully, bringing the happenings of two different worlds into a single storyline. These books are enjoyable and extremely fast-paced. I finished all three of them in about 4 days! Couldn't put them down!

Below are links to the books, which are available from many places. Read the book descriptions. I'm sure you'll want to read them to find out more!

Pardon the mess of links, but this post has to be quick, as I am working hard on lots of things, including another book which deals with angels!

Awaken His Eyes: The Awakened Book One

Paths of Destruction: The Awakened Book Two

Hands to Make War: The Awakened Book Three

Combined Edition: The Awakened Books One through Three

Friday, February 15, 2013

'Discovery' is free until the 19th!

Hi there, my readers!

I wanted to write this quick post to let you know that J.K. Moss is running a promotion on his first book of The Realm series. 'Discovery' will be free until the 19th, so be sure to download it while the promotion lasts. You'll want to read more, just like I did!

I'm working on book three of The Realm series and have lots of work lined up for the near future, so excuse my silence until I have a bit of a breather.