Wednesday, November 20, 2013

'The Forgotten Hero' by Frank Percacciante

Hello, readers!

This here is my favorite part: when I get to tell you about the release of a book I've worked on. After several months of fine-tuning, Frank Percacciante's book, 'The Forgotten Hero,' is finally out.

Now, if you like books with puzzles and mysteries, this book is for you. It's a piece you must read from beginning to end. Masterfully woven clues hint at the outcome, but the intricacy of the puzzle is such that you'll be glued to the book, eagerly awaiting explanations.

Full of intrigue and fantasy, the book follows Professor Allan Reilly on his journey to decipher the story behind a tragic event in which he lost his young sister. Upon the discovery of a ring which bestows superhero-like qualities, Allan sets out to do good, hoping to ease his conscience, and in doing so, his life starts heading down a path he doesn't realize he's already traveled.

Cryptic enough for you? Hurry and grab a copy today! The book is available through Amazon.

Friday, October 25, 2013

holiday work schedule

I won't be working on new submissions starting today, October 25th, until December. If you'd like to send in your manuscript regardless, the quickest I can have it back is late December, as I'll be working with a repeat client, R. Janvier del Valle, in the beginning of that month.

I won't be taking in new clients in December apart from the ones who have already contacted me to discuss their projects. Repeat clients are welcome to send in their manuscripts.

I'm taking a break from January 1-11, in which I won't be taking in any work. Will be on vacation. Submissions will be accepted as usual after the 11th of January. That means new clients are welcome to send in manuscripts and ask for sample edits.

The clients who have me on retainer to work on their blogs can continue to send their blog posts for proofreading as usual.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Announcement: I'm taking November off.

Hello, dear clients! This post is a short one to let you know I won't be taking manuscripts in on November. Please keep that in mind when booking your dates. I'll be taking in the last manuscript on Oct. 20th, and will resume normal work on Dec. 1.

I will, of course, continue to edit the blog posts for those special clients of mine who have me on retainer for that. The November thing only applies to manuscripts.

Thanks for your patience. Happy fall season!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Darrell King, author of street fiction

I am working with author Darrell King, typing up his manuscript and copyediting it. Mr. King writes street fiction, a genre I had never even heard of until he contacted me. The story is gritty, real, and hardcore. I must say it's definitely not for minors, but for adults, it's a very powerful read. The book I'm working on dives us into the life of Godiva, a beautiful blue-eyed blonde megastar singer, whose rapper friend is killed. Having come from working in a strip club to working for the record label Spanish Moss Records, the best of the best, she deals with all sorts of stresses that come from being watched, envied, and loved by the public. There's sex, there's drugs, there's death—the book is hardcore and powerful, not to mention the sort of book that just sucks you into the reality of Louisiana and the creole culture, the drugs, the crazy megastar lives, and the reality of gang rivalries. Having come from there himself, the author knows what he's talking about, adding that extra tinge of legitimacy to the story.

You can read about the author here in his Goodreads profile page.
You can watch a trailer for another of his books here on this youtube video.

The Mayhem Sisters series

Written by Lauren Quick, the Mayhem Sister series are fast-paced, witty, and full of magic and intrigue. In the first book, which I copyedited, we're introduced to the Mayhem sisters, Vivi, Honora, and Clover. Their last name is a reflection of the family curse. Mayhem follows them everywhere they go. In the first book of the series, Vivi sets out to find what happened to a witch she saw in a vision. After having bottled up her Seeing power for so long, though, she has a hard time making sense of what happened and where. With the aid of her sisters and some friends, including a hunky sheriff, she goes on a danger-filled adventure that puts her life in peril. Yet, it's not only her life at risk—time is running out for the witch in her vision. Will the sisters be able to save her in time? Or will they be too late, as the vision foretells? Find out by grabbing a copy of the book on Amazon!

I'm pleased to announced I'll be starting work on the other book in the series soon. Be on the lookout for it by the end of this year!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'Reborn' by Jeff Gunzel

Here it is! First look at his new cover for the fourth book in the Gate Keeper Series, 'Reborn' by Jeff Gunzel.

Cover design by Ronnell D. Porter. You can see his other work here.

Download the book from Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo. Will provide other links to other sources as they become available. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Jeff Gunzel's untitled work...

Author Jeff Gunzel will be releasing his fourth book in the Gate Keeper series by the end of this month. I'm doing the editing with a fine-toothed comb, after seeing complains on Amazon reviews that the editing has issues. None of my other clients have had problems with my work, and to be honest, the comments criticizing my editing are themselves poorly spelled out and are barely coherent, so I don't even know what to make of the situation. Anyway, I'll be releasing a preview of the cover soon, not to mention links when the book comes out, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

R. Janvier del Valle's 'Sword from the Sky'

I recently had the pleasure of copyediting R. Janvier del Valle's book, 'Sword from the Sky.'
The book is full of magic, honor, and evil beasts. It reads like a dream. 
The story starts with an attack on Luca, the son of a prince, by a beast, and he loses a leg. He grows up without his mother, who was apparently killed during the attack. His father, Druuk, tries to give him every advantage in life, and Luca is trained by the School of Davi to be a swordsmaster. The day when he is to test to acquire his seventh blade, though, an evil woman claiming to be his aunt comes and tries to prevent him from testing. She's banished, but promises to come back. Luca fails his test and is banished from his land, and in the process discovers many truths, and we see just how far the evil forces trying to overcome his land are willing to go to turn him to the darkness. 

The book is available through Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobo...for free!
Go ahead and download a copy. Mr. del Valle's unique writing style alone is worth a read, but I assure you the story will keep you reading and wanting more. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

I published a book, and it's free to download today, Friday 2.

Imagine that! I'm an author! You might not know this, but I'm bipolar. I was diagnosed when I was 16, but I knew something was wrong with me way before then. In this book, I hope to expose how I feel, living with the disease, how my mind works. Many people know someone who suffers from bipolar disease, but don't understand us. We do think differently from others. For those of us who haven't been stabilized with meds, life is a living hell. We turn to alcohol, drugs, and engage in self-destructive behaviors.

The book will be free to download today, Friday. I'll be offering other free promotions, and will post about them with plenty of time beforehand. Spread the word! You can find my book here:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Need me to type up your handwritten manuscript?

I'm happy to announce that I'm now typing up handwritten manuscripts for $150 per notebook. If you want to bundle up my proofreading or editing services with the typing, the prices start at $300 and $400, respectively.
Your hands deserve a break after writing all those words. Let me do the work for you. Send in the notebooks, and within two months you'll have a typed, edited manuscript back. The fee includes return delivery with delivery confirmation via USPS. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An open invitation to my clients:

Hey there, my loyal clients! I'd like to extend you the opportunity to be featured here, on my blog, for free! Let me know if you want me to post links to your blogs, websites, or articles. I'm here to help you spread the word about your books. Looking forward to promoting your works!

M. K. Baxley: A Man in Want of a Wife

So, guys, an update on what I've been working on:

Recently I finished going through M. K. Baxley's 'A Man in Want of a Wife.' This is her newest book. If you're not following her series, 'A Man in Want of a Wife' is the story of how Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy met and courted. It's beautiful and romantic and it actually brought tears to my eyes. Darcy really had to work for Elizabeth, and this story is an accounting of all he went through. It has a different ending than 'The Mistress's Black Veil', and it is a retelling of that book but from Darcy's point of view.

Stay tuned for more info!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

'Seeds of Corruption' by Jason Tesar

As promised, I'm revealing what I've been working. I just wrapped up editing the fourth book in Jason Tesar's The Awakened Series, which will be titled Seeds of Corruption. You can read about it and look at the awesome cover art over at Jason's website.

For those of you not familiar with the series, Jason wrote a post on where you can get the books. There are updated versions of the books available, featuring new content.  I proofread the first three books in the series and wrote about them here.

I am thrilled that the fourth book focuses so much on Adair and discloses so many things that were unclear in the first three books. The prophecy of the Awakened is explained further, and we also start to see a clearer picture of what's really going on with the worlds and how they came to be in the first place.

The book is due out in June. Jason Tesar is currently hosting a giveaway, giving his fans the chance to win a hard copy of Seeds of Corruption! Go here to check out the details. Good luck!

I'm alive and about to work with Joseph Lallo again!

Hello readers! I know it's been forever since I posted. I've been hard at work on several projects and have just wrapped up a few. Within the next few days I'll update you on what I've been working on, but for now I'd like to mention a project I'll be starting next week: Joseph Lallo's new book!

As you may know, Joseph Lallo was the one who started my career by letting me prove myself. He's been supportive ever since, providing glowing references every time a new client requests them. Now the time has come for me to show my gratitude. He's entrusted me with the next book he's publishing.

Joseph's 'The Book of Deacon Trilogy' were the first books I worked on. The series has many awesome characters. I have to say my favorite one is Deacon, but a second favorite is definitely Lain. Lain is closely intertwined with the main character, Myranda, throughout the series. He's definitely the most badass character there, but despite the fact that he plays such a prominent role throughout the trilogy, details of his origin are scarce. Hints and snippets of the troubled life he's had until that point are present throughout the books, but not enough for the character's many avid fans. He's intriguing; even the people who know him in his world don't know much about him! That's where the next book by Joseph Lallo comes in. The book will finally unveil the details of Lain's origins.

You can find sneak peaks of the book here and here, straight from Joseph's website. Stay tuned, as I will obviously post as soon as the book is released!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jeff Gunzel's books on promo, only $0.99!

Hey readers! Just a quick post to let you know Jeff Gunzel is running a promo on his books.
Land of Shadows is free, as it always is. Siege of Night and Lost Empire, however, are now at $0.99 for a limited time, down from $2.99! Take advantage of this fleeting offer before the books go back to their list price in a few days. Be sure to leave a review if you like the books! Reviews help your favorite authors get new readers. Don't forget to pass on the word to your fellow book lovers!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just released! 'Lost Empire' by Jeff Gunzel

Hello, readers! This is a quick post to let you all know that Jeff Gunzel just released his third book in the Legend of the Gate Keeper series, 'Lost Empire.'

The first book in the series, 'Land of Shadows,' is available for free through Amazon. For those of you not familiar with Jeff Gunzel's action-packed writing, I encourage you to download it and give it a try. After a few introductory chapters the book picks up, and it really sets the pace for the rest of the series, so be sure to not give up on it!

The second book, 'Siege of Night,' leaves the four protagonists resting in Queen Illira's castle. Eric, Jade, Athel and Jacob are awaiting the completion of the preparations for a journey they must undertake, for the fate of the world rests on them successfully arriving at Shangti.

The new book follows the four friends to a long-forgotten place, Shangti. They set off from Tarmerria  hoping to prevent the demonic Krytoes from entering the world and destroying humankind.  The journey to the far-away land is fraught with peril and hardship, and once they eventually do arrive, the friends are separated against their will, leaving them to fend for themselves in a completely strange, foreign land full of new creatures, races, and dangers they had never come across before.

The Legend of the Gate Keeper series never gets boring. This book is no exception. Magic and enemies are plenty, so this makes for a very action-packed book full of excitement. There's no dull moments when our four heroes are involved! One of them almost gets killed by a band of bloodthirsty, vengeful sailors on what's supposed to be an uneventful boat journey! The forgotten land where our heroes arrive, Shangti, has a distinct oriental influence, so anime fans and fans of Oriental culture will be sure to enjoy that aspect of the book.

You can buy the newly released book through Amazon. For some reason Amazon won't let you view the book preview on the webpage, but I believe you CAN download a sample right to your kindle for free if you want to get a taste for what the book contains. I was told Amazon is working on getting the preview feature up and running.
The book will soon be released via the iBookstore and Smashwords, so stay tuned. I'll be putting up the links soon as they become available!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Jason Tesar's 'The Awakened' series

Hello, my readers.

Today I'd like to bring to your attention a series of books which I was lucky to proofread. The series is called 'The Awakened' and it's written by Jason Tesar.

I could not believe how amazing these books were. I love when fantasy mixes in angels. To this day, I could probably count with my fingers the amount of books I've read which involve angels, and lucky for me, Jason's books have those and more. Imagine a child being saved and trained by a mystical order of clerics after his step father sends him off to be killed. The child becomes a prodigy in warfare and turns against the order that saved him after he discovers their true motives. There's much more to the books than that, though. The plot is pretty convoluted, and details seem to click into place as Jason weaves the tale masterfully, bringing the happenings of two different worlds into a single storyline. These books are enjoyable and extremely fast-paced. I finished all three of them in about 4 days! Couldn't put them down!

Below are links to the books, which are available from many places. Read the book descriptions. I'm sure you'll want to read them to find out more!

Pardon the mess of links, but this post has to be quick, as I am working hard on lots of things, including another book which deals with angels!

Awaken His Eyes: The Awakened Book One

Paths of Destruction: The Awakened Book Two

Hands to Make War: The Awakened Book Three

Combined Edition: The Awakened Books One through Three

Friday, February 15, 2013

'Discovery' is free until the 19th!

Hi there, my readers!

I wanted to write this quick post to let you know that J.K. Moss is running a promotion on his first book of The Realm series. 'Discovery' will be free until the 19th, so be sure to download it while the promotion lasts. You'll want to read more, just like I did!

I'm working on book three of The Realm series and have lots of work lined up for the near future, so excuse my silence until I have a bit of a breather.