Monday, June 6, 2016

The Water Road by JD Byrne

Hello, my readers!
Today I wanted to write about a book I recently worked on, called The Water Road by JD Byrne. First off, here is the cover art:

Isn't it stunning?

The novel could not be more interesting. It is the story of Antrey, a half-breed who isn't quite accepted by the people of her mother or those of her father. After she discovers the truth about how her father's race has been manipulating her mother's people for generations, she sets out to expose the truth and seek justice for the Neldathi. For those of you who love sinking into a really good, long book, this one is a great choice. The novel is over 130k words. Click here to read the blurb and purchase the novel from Amazon. 

JD Byrne blogs about The Water Road weekly on his blog. The blog posts are so interesting because they provide a deeper look into the mind of the author and how he developed the fantasy world in which the novel takes place. Check out the posts here. In his website, you can find see his Twitter activity, read more about his books and bio, and sign up for emails every time he releases new books. You get a free short story if you sign up, so take advantage! 

Happy reading!