Wednesday, October 22, 2014

'Witch Hollow and the Spider Mistress" by I.D. Blind

Hello readers!
I have worked with I.D. Blind since her very first Witch Hollow book. Recently, I had the pleasure of working on the fourth book in the five-book series of Witch Hollow. This new book is titled 'Witch Hollow and the Spider Mistress".

If you haven't been following the story from the very first book, here is a short summary.
The story takes place in Ireland, in the small, magical town of Hollow. Cassandra, Medea and Electra, although not sisters by birth, were raised together by their Aunt Andromeda and Uncle Colin when their parents were killed in a witch-hunt over a decade ago. The girls became close as sisters, and they each have magical abilities and quirks that differ from each other. Cassandra can speak to animals, while Medea is allergic to moonlight and cannot go out at night unless it is Halloween night.
When Eric, a handsome Australian fellow, moves to Hollow, his heart is torn between Dinah, a girl whose family is very anti-witches, and Electra, who is sweet, kind, but a witch.
Unfortunately for the witches in Hollow, every few years the Hunters come to try to destroy all witchcraft in the town, even though originally it was meant to be a town for all witches and magical beings to live peacefully. Several prominent and wealthy families in town, including Dinah's, support these Hunters.
Eric follows his heart and enters a relationship with his chosen girl, and is branded a traitor by the opposing side. Together, the girls and their friends must fight against the Hunters, for the Trials have begun in which they will be branded witches and killed.
If you want to follow the story, I strongly encourage you to read all the books in the series. I.D. Blind's writing has grown along with her sweet characters, and as the girls age and the years pass, the books become more intense in terms of the adventures the girls must endure.

Here are links to all the available books in the series:
Book 1 (free to download!)
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4

So go ahead and download the first book in the series. It's free, after all, so you have nothing to lose. You will fall for the sweet witches like I did. This is a great series for children. There is no gore or mature content.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Well, how's this for a nice surprise? I was contacted a while back for my info so I could be added to a list of resources for indie writers, and apparently they went ahead and added me to the list of editors and proofreaders!

The website is called inkspokes, and it features the most delightful illustrations. Apart from being a resource where you can find editors, there are also lists for those looking for illustrators and book cover designers. Not only that, but these is a wealth of information for those indie authors looking to make it in the business.

As I was mentioning, there are illustrators who have contributed to the site, making for a delightful and whimsical page instead of a boring old website. It truly is a welcoming site where you can even submit to have your new book announced! I will definitely be using this resource in the future.

Thank you, inkspokes, for having me in your list of resources.

Friday, October 17, 2014

$50 discount for new clients

New clients, now is the time to book my services for your editing needs. I'm offering a $50 discount to the first 5 clients who book this month and pay upfront. Take the opportunity to get your manuscripts edited so they are ready for the coming year!

Edited to add that 3 of the discounts have been claimed. Contact me before they run out!

Joseph Lallo

So I contacted Joseph Lallo to see if he had anything for me to look over, and he sent me the first few chapters of his new Work in Progress, the third in the Big Sigma series. I must admit I love Joseph's Book of Deacon Series, but for some reason my favorite characters became the ones in this other series. Maybe because they're snarkier and more prone to having amazing adventures and beating up lots of bad guys and big corporations.

Here is his blog post which says a little something about his upcoming book.
Once it's out and I've read it, I'll definitely post a more thorough review of the book. From what I read, it seems promising, action-packed, and full of intrigue and a very particular, rare creature that promises to cause all sorts of mayhem. Oh, and the Luddites are at it again in this book, meddling where they shouldn't be, so I hope Lex and his companions do some butt-kicking there!

An erotic fantasy?!

Readers, have I some juicy gossip for you.
I am working on an extremely captivating erotic fantasy. Boy, is it good! It had me blushing and laughing nervously throughout. The male lead, Killian, is no flat character. He has his problems, and he doesn't like vanilla relationships. He is dreamy, a tall, dark and handsome artist who came from the streets and turned into a painting prodigy of contemporary art. His paintings sell for thousands of thousands, and he's in high demand by the wealthy elite of society. He seems to have everything going on except for that stable partner for life.

I'll share links when the book is due so we can all giggle and swoon over the amazing story written by one of my fantastic clients. It's a must-read for female book clubs who like steamy fantasies.

UPDATE- Here's the link to buy on amazon!