Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I have an official website!

I am thrilled to announce that I had an official website done. I hired the lovely Colleen Sheehan to design it for me in its entirety, as my efforts at creating a website from a template failed abysmally. She took less than 3 days to design everything, and I was so pleased with her work that I have also hired her to do a Facebook banner for my Facebook page and to create a logo for my editing business.
You can contact her here. She is actually also a book interior designer, and her work is amazing. Check out her full website here.
Would you like to check out my website? Click here!
And here is my Facebook page. It's very bare right now, but I will be adding a banner and picture soon. Like it so you get access to my posts, which will feature grammar tips, articles, and more!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

schedule changes and rush editing

Hello, readers!
I want to update you on my schedule. Starting the second week of August, I will not be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays for two-day short stories. So if you have a deadline to meet, please send during a Monday so I can have the story back by Wednesday, or on Wednesday so I can have it back by Friday. I will work on Tuesdays and Thursdays if it is a MUST, but please be advised I'd rather not, as I'll be busy taking classes all day in college during those days.

Also, please remember that I charge an extra $100 for same-week rush editing on novels or novellas. I usually provide a two-week turnaround, maybe three to four weeks if the manuscript is over 80k words. Please take that into account so I can meet your deadlines. If you need something done rush, I will accommodate you, but it will cost extra.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Covertopia giveaway alert

OK, so I just found this awesome giveaway over at Kboards. Covertopia is raffling away a predesigned cover, your pick from their catalogue, and you also get free ebook formatting from one of their formatters. That's a $250 value according to them. Go and check out the giveaway. Here is the link.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New flat rate deals!

Short stories under 10k words will be edited for $20.
Short stories up to 25k words will be edited for $50.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

some shameless self-promoting

Hey all! So, I just put up my second book for prerelease on Amazon. It is available here.
I suppose it's a YA fantasy novella. It's around 30k words. Don't mind what amazon says; it's not 4 pages long. Here's the cover I had made by Ronnell Porter over here:

Pretty awesome, right? Ronnell did a wonderful job. And his turnaround was quick, only three days or so. I'm looking for reviews, so if you want a free copy in exchange for a review, just contact me! My email is on the sidebar to the left.