Friday, October 25, 2013

holiday work schedule

I won't be working on new submissions starting today, October 25th, until December. If you'd like to send in your manuscript regardless, the quickest I can have it back is late December, as I'll be working with a repeat client, R. Janvier del Valle, in the beginning of that month.

I won't be taking in new clients in December apart from the ones who have already contacted me to discuss their projects. Repeat clients are welcome to send in their manuscripts.

I'm taking a break from January 1-11, in which I won't be taking in any work. Will be on vacation. Submissions will be accepted as usual after the 11th of January. That means new clients are welcome to send in manuscripts and ask for sample edits.

The clients who have me on retainer to work on their blogs can continue to send their blog posts for proofreading as usual.

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