Wednesday, August 21, 2013

R. Janvier del Valle's 'Sword from the Sky'

I recently had the pleasure of copyediting R. Janvier del Valle's book, 'Sword from the Sky.'
The book is full of magic, honor, and evil beasts. It reads like a dream. 
The story starts with an attack on Luca, the son of a prince, by a beast, and he loses a leg. He grows up without his mother, who was apparently killed during the attack. His father, Druuk, tries to give him every advantage in life, and Luca is trained by the School of Davi to be a swordsmaster. The day when he is to test to acquire his seventh blade, though, an evil woman claiming to be his aunt comes and tries to prevent him from testing. She's banished, but promises to come back. Luca fails his test and is banished from his land, and in the process discovers many truths, and we see just how far the evil forces trying to overcome his land are willing to go to turn him to the darkness. 

The book is available through Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobo...for free!
Go ahead and download a copy. Mr. del Valle's unique writing style alone is worth a read, but I assure you the story will keep you reading and wanting more. 

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