Tuesday, November 13, 2012

'Land of Shadows' by Jeff Gunzel

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'Land of Shadows' is the second book which I'd like to bring to your attention. It's written by author Jeff Gunzel.

Here's the book description:

The gorgeous lands of Tarmerria are full of magic and beauty. But the virtually lawless cities contain no shortage of darkness and greed. A land where daily survival in the harsh realm takes priority over all else. But the world is about to change. The ancient prophecies, written during a time long forgotten, just might be true after all.

Join in as unlikely companions from completely different worlds set out on the adventure of a lifetime. A search for answers. A search for the truth.
This book is intended for mature audiences.

My take on this book:

To be fair, at the beginning the book does start off a bit slowly. I was concerned when I didn't read anything about the prophecies mentioned in the book description until the first few chapters. You'll be rewarded if you do continue reading, though. Good things DO come to those who wait. Jeff's first book in The Legend of the Gate Keeper is well worth your time. Once you get past the lengthy beginning, you start to see how the seemingly irrelevant details start to join into a masterfully woven tale of magic and action. The scenes are so vivid that you can almost imagine seeing them on a movie screen. Once you're done with this book, I can assure you that you WILL want more. His second book, 'Siege of Night', is out already. I had the pleasure to edit that book as well. I'll be featuring that book soon in another post, but if you just can't wait to read about it, you can purchase it and view a preview here.

Jeff Gunzel's book can be purchased through Amazon

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  1. Thank you for the great job you did on both books!