Friday, October 17, 2014

Joseph Lallo

So I contacted Joseph Lallo to see if he had anything for me to look over, and he sent me the first few chapters of his new Work in Progress, the third in the Big Sigma series. I must admit I love Joseph's Book of Deacon Series, but for some reason my favorite characters became the ones in this other series. Maybe because they're snarkier and more prone to having amazing adventures and beating up lots of bad guys and big corporations.

Here is his blog post which says a little something about his upcoming book.
Once it's out and I've read it, I'll definitely post a more thorough review of the book. From what I read, it seems promising, action-packed, and full of intrigue and a very particular, rare creature that promises to cause all sorts of mayhem. Oh, and the Luddites are at it again in this book, meddling where they shouldn't be, so I hope Lex and his companions do some butt-kicking there!

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