Friday, October 17, 2014

An erotic fantasy?!

Readers, have I some juicy gossip for you.
I am working on an extremely captivating erotic fantasy. Boy, is it good! It had me blushing and laughing nervously throughout. The male lead, Killian, is no flat character. He has his problems, and he doesn't like vanilla relationships. He is dreamy, a tall, dark and handsome artist who came from the streets and turned into a painting prodigy of contemporary art. His paintings sell for thousands of thousands, and he's in high demand by the wealthy elite of society. He seems to have everything going on except for that stable partner for life.

I'll share links when the book is due so we can all giggle and swoon over the amazing story written by one of my fantastic clients. It's a must-read for female book clubs who like steamy fantasies.

UPDATE- Here's the link to buy on amazon! 

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